Scule pentru prelucrare umeda granit si marmura


Air Water Sander
Air Water Polisher
Pneumatic Wet/Waterfeed Stone Polisher

Side Exhaust, ON-OFF Switch
Spindle Size : 5/8-11, M14, M16
Pad Size : 3″ or 4″
Max. Free Speed : 4,500 rpm
Max. Horse Power : 0.43 HP (321W)
Weight : 1.17 kgs
Length : 246 mm
Air Cons : 0.46 m3/min (16.2 cfm)
Sound Pressur : 84 dBA
Vibration : < 2.5 m/sec2
Air Pressure : 90 psi
Packing : 10 pcs/1.4 cu.ft/G:20 kgs (without Air Hose / Water Hose)

Low vibrate and noise with excellent performance.
Gravity casting housing carries long duration of tool.
3-section-shifting knob enables user to adjust frequency of air for reducing free speed.
Section 1. 700 rpm, <0.1HP
Section 2. 3800 rpm, 0.25 HP
Section 3. 4500 rpm, 0.43 HP
Centre water feed function reduces dust, and improves environment protection.
Water valve can be adjusted for variable water-flow.
Includes a reversible side handle, exhaust muffler, air hose adapter and water valve with hose adapter.
Both 3″ and 4″ pads are available.
Light weight (3 lbs) and compactable design are also suitable for single-hand operation.

GPW-7 Wet Air Sander / Wet Air Polisher has a front exhaust port, which allows the user to dry the edge with the tool and inspect their work as they go. Economical and reliable, this tool is a great value. Made in Taiwan.
GPW-7 Wet Air Sander / Wet Air Polisher is suitable for sanding / polishing of granite, marble and other types of stones. The tool is a poweful, reliable air tool ideally suited for continuous wet polishing in stone industry, and is safer when used wet !



An American breakthrough War Hero

Learn about American inventive War Hero Casimir PulaskiThe name Pulaski has intriqued me for years. From Pulaski Avenue in the south Chicago and surrounding suburbs, towards Casimir Pulaski Day, And most recently to the civil war fort, fortification Pulaski. Being of gloss decent myself, I decided to for a long period on the Polish American hero Casimir Pulaski to find out whatever I could and bring together different resources to one single page. on hand learn something, certainly I hope you find this interesting.

The first thing i realised, Was General Pulaski’s name is not spelled Casimir, Instead it is typed Kazimierz. The birth date and birth place in Poland of Kazimierz Pulaski is questioned with different sources indicating 1745, 1747, and furthermore 1748. around the other cheap mlb jerseys hand, His keeps remain a mystery. Whether he was buried at sea as some credit accounts say, alternatively is entombed in Savannah, atlanta, We owe a lot to General Casimir Pulaski.

General Pulaski came from Poland to fight for American diversity.

more tips on Casimir PulaskiCasimir Pulaski from the Polish American Center

usual Casimir Pulaski (1745 1779)

Casimir Pulaski, Son of Count frederick Pulaski, was created in Warsaw, belgium, onto March 6, 1745. He ‘s the second son (linked three)

Born in direction of the starosta of Warka, n? Pulaski and Marianna Zielinska hisPulaski Days thousand Rapids, MichiganCasimir Pulaski Museum information

The manor in Winiary, in which the Museum of Casimir Pulaski is located, Was built at 1689, As a residential unit of a wealthy magnate, Stanisaw Antoni Szczuka, The Lithuanian Deputy Chancellor of the Treasury and Royal Referendary.

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